• Catalyst-Portfolio

    Cat Products Branding

    The client wanted the design to feature the hunting and playful side of cats with a colorful/tropical bird color palette. The design represents that moment right after the cat gets the bird, with the feathers still floating in the air.

  • Bib-&-Spoon-Portfolio

    Organic Baby Food Branding

    When organic Scandinavian design puts on a little edge. We wanted to create a brand that would appeal to the parents but still have a soft and natural style for kids.

  • Giesswein-Portfolio

    European Wool Company Logo

    With this logo we wanted to modernized an already established company making high quality wool products in Austria.

  • Gastronuts-Portfolio

    Colorful Confections Logo

    Who doesn’t like cute, mini and colorful treats? This design is a mouthwatering dance of fun colors, cute shapes and a floating doughnut.

  • Eight-arms-Portfolio

    Printing Company Logo

    The client wanted an octopus and a ink splash to interact and this is how this design was born. Showing movement with the arms and the splash brings energy and fun while the color palette has a classic and calm feel. That combination creates a great balance between old and new.

  • RA-Portfolio

    Cold Pressed Juice Bar Branding

    Natural, inviting, feminine and simple are keywords which inspired this design.

  • Wax&wick-Portfolio

    Men Candle Branding

    This branding needing to be strong and bold to accentuate the masculine aspect of the business but also light and simple to represent the product and the packaging (soy candles sold in simple glass jars).

  • Urban-hive-Portfolio

    Natural Cosmetic Products Logo

    This brand is remarkable as they make everything themselves and assure the quality and natural aspects of all their products. It was important to capture that natural element and add a “funky” touch all the while being inviting with the colors and the style of graphics.

  • Dawn-Joseph-Portfolio

    Whimsical Photography Branding

    The carousel imagery conveys a nostalgia that brings to both a feeling of a sweet childhood day and a romantic experience. The polka dots pattern and the soft color palette create that idea of magical dust and unforgettable, timeless moments.

  • Smiths-sauces-bottles-Portfolio

    Spicy Sauce Logo / Bottles

    A classic emblem logo presented in a ‘funky’ way with a 70’s retro vibe.

  • Nutribump-Portfolio

    Pregnancy Nutrition Logo

    The client wanted the image of a healthy, happy pregnant lady showing that desired pregnancy glow for their nutrition website.

  • Cabbage-tree-Portfolio

    Landscaping Logo

    This design is the abstract representation of the leaves of the cabbage tree. It’s colorful and lively and still masculine.

  • NH-images-Portfolio

    Wedding Photography Logo

    We wanted to convey that idea of capturing and preserving memories with this blown dandelion. For the color palette with created a balance between bold and soft, masculine and feminine.

  • Tater-bugs-Portfolio

    Cloth Diapers Branding

    This branding was for a boutique selling cloth diapers and all things related. It was important to show the all natural element without forgetting the cuteness aspect.

  • Copia-Portfolio

    Organic Vegetarian Grill Logo

    Who said an organic vegetarian grill couldn’t be fun and appetizing? This logo comes to support that idea with it’s bold colors and graphics.

  • True-buch-bottles-Website-Portfolio

    Natural and Luxurious Drink Logo

    How to create a pure, organic feel with a luxurious touch? Simple lines, white and metallics.

  • The-house-of-wood-Portfolio

    DIY Blog Logo

    My client wanted something that uniquely implied furniture building and that was feminine without being too girly. We went with the circular saw in a bright color and a pretty but still bold font. She also loved watercolors, so we created a watercolor background.

  • The-little-anchor-Portfolio

    Preppy Children Boutique Branding

    This design is the quintessential nautical preppy brand. It is appealing for both kids and adults and has the perfect amount of cuteness while staying professional.

  • Moveme-la-Portfolio

    Relocating Company Logo

    My client helps others relocate to Los Angeles and it was an honor to help her create a modern and hip logo for her business. We created a classic door knocker  in a modern style.

  • Young-royal-couture-Portfolio

    Children Boutique Logo

    This boutique cares to make its customers feel like royalty and we tried to convey that through the logo design.

  • Exquisito-Portfolio-green

    Elegant Chocolate Logo

    This turtle butler has the elegance and refinement to represent fine chocolates. The fact that it is a old (wise) classic gentleman implies a trustworthy and established brand.

  • Gelato-dreams-Portfolio

    Ice Cream Logo

    This brand is fun, friendly, mouth watering and dreamy if I dare say.

  • Rover-to-the-rescue-Portfolio

    Dog Rescue Photography Logo

    Not just photographing dogs, but super hero dogs that help save lives. I tried to convey that energy and liveliness with the cape flying out of the photograph.

  • Smithadams-Portfolio

    Artisan Chocolate Branding

    Oh so chic artisan chocolates call for an elegant and stand-out brand with a modern touch. A black and cream with a rich red accent color create that luxurious and classy feel. The combination of the font and the irregular shape brings up that balance between classic and modern.

  • Goddess-Portfolio

    Supplement Logo

    This is a brand dedicated to women’s health and wellness and we wanted to emphasize the idea of nature offering all its goodness to women with a very feminine style and an abundance of natural graphic elements.

  • Blackfoot-Prime-Portfolio

    Native American Tribe Logo

    This logo was for the Blackfoot Confederacy Products. It was important to show the legacy transferred by the ancestors in the techniques used to make their products.

  • Supatras-Portfolio

    Thai Restaurant Logo

    Inspired by Thailand’s architecture and vegetation.

  • Citrus-Portfolio

    Salon Business Card

    The client already had a logo and wanted business cards that would match the fresh and simplistic style. I used a water color effect using the colors found in the logo to convey that modern and light feel. The information is presented in a simple and clean way as well.

  • Hartford-co-Portfolio

    New Classic Bakery Branding

    Bringing a modern touch to a classic bakery concept.

  • Creel-and-gambrel-Portfolio

    Masculine Vintage Logo

    I went with a bold and strong logo to represent this masculine vintage meat delivery business.

  • Bachert-Website-Portfolio

    Feminine Landscaping Logo

    Elegant classic logo for a dreamy garden feel. It is strong with a feminine touch.

  • Little-wedding-films-Portfolio

    Modern Wedding Photography Branding

    My client wanted tan origami elk in a simple, modern yet bold style.

  • Confectionary-confession-Portfolio

    Feminine Bakery Logo

    This design is a fresh take of grandma’s baking, doilies, pretty ceramic dishes, yummy creamy frosting, etc…

  • Givefest-tshirt-Portfolio

    Music Festival Logo / T-shirt

    When camping on the beach meets music festival…

  • Green-Bee-trio-Portfolio

    Bee Character

    The client wanted to create a friendly and professional construction bee for house building business. They also wanted its texan and Christmas version.

  • Eclair-Portfolio

    Eclair Bar Branding

    Fun, modern and young, this logo goes straight for your appetite.