I am Katell Schmitz, the owner + creative director of Reverie Lane Designs.

Back in my homeland of France I studied Applied Modern Languages, Marketing and Cultural Project Management.

Since my young days I have been captivated by creativity and finding any way possible to animate my imagination (praises to my family for their patience).

After college I moved to America, married my soul mate and now have the two most beautiful little humans. I worked as a freelance designer for a handful of years before starting my one entrepreneurial journey.

I find ‘complex simplicity’ to be the purest form of beauty and strive to apply that motto to my personal aesthetic, my environment, and ultimately my work.

I believe branding and graphic design as a whole should be personal and tailor made. You know your business uniquely and should be the one telling the world about it.

There is a little bit of a dream in this reality for everybody, and I truly feel honored to have my creativity at the service of your dreams. That is the very force propelling Reverie Lane Designs and I get quite excited at the thought of creating designs that inspire and prompt others to do what they love and find their portion of that dream.

Let’s develop your creative ideas and make them memorable!